Estate Planning

Estate Planning

It is never too late, or too early to plan for the future. Creating an estate plan is critical to protecting your family and ensuring that your assets will be handled according to your wishes. Our firm understands the complexities of estate planning and the many personal decisions that the process involves. We will thoroughly analyze your assets and goals to craft the plan that best suits your needs. You can rely on us to help you feel confident about the future of your loved ones.


While it may be overwhelming to think about the uncertainties of the future, establishing a will is an empowering way to take control and gain peace of mind. The sooner you get started, the better. A will is a legal document that explains in detail what an individual wants to happen after they die. This includes their final wishes regarding their remains, as well as how they want their money, assets, and property to be distributed. It can also name a guardian for your minor children, and a trustee to hold and manage the money and property distributed in your will. There are many decisions that need to be considered when preparing a will. At Mavinkurve & Patel it is our goal is to help you understand how best to tailor your unique needs for your future and the future of your loved ones. Having experienced & effective attorneys create a will could save your family a lot of time and money.


A trust is an important type of estate planning document that allows you to put your assets in the control of a trustee, who manages them for the good of your designated beneficiaries. A trust can last for many years. Trusts can come in many forms, in order to suit many different purposes and circumstances. Our attorneys have the knowledge to develop revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts & living trusts. The purpose of a trust can vary. It can be used to avoid probate, provide for a charity, care for a disabled relative or to meet many other goals. The possibilities vary widely depending on your specific needs and goals. When you come to Mavinkurve & Patel for help creating a trust, we want to know your wishes for the trust and how you want to care for your beneficiaries. Together, we will work to secure your legacy long into the future.


As we age, we may become unable to manage our financial affairs. A power of attorney gives a third party the right to make legal decisions on your behalf, should you be unable to do so. If you become incapacitated through illness, injury, or aging, you can appoint another person to handle your finances. Powers of attorney can be for specific purposes, such as medical or financial decisions, or can apply to all decisions. Let our skilled attorneys draft a power of attorney document based on your unique needs and wishes and bring you peace of mind.


It’s difficult to predict what will happen to us in the future, but there are common medical dilemmas many people and their loved ones wind up facing after an accident, illness, or injury, or when aging sets in. Advance directives for health care (ADHC) are legal documents that specify advance medical instructions regarding your preferred medical treatment and your final wishes for life support. The document names an individual to act on your behalf and provides him or her with advice regarding your medical treatments during specfic medical situations. Additionally, the ADHC also contains a “Living Will,” which directs whether or not you want life-sustaining procedures to be withheld or withdrawn in the event you become incapacitated due to a terminal illness or lapse into a state of permanent unconsciousness. Your medical providers are required to follow the instructions you set forth in your Advance Directive. By developing a close, personal relationship with you, we can make sure all of your needs are addressed so your medical care is appropriately established.

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