Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

When legal disputes disrupt your personal life or business, you will be in need of a committed, aggressive, and effective attorney to advocate on your behalf. The attorneys at Mavinkurve & Patel represent various businesses, families and individuals in civil litigation, arbitration and mediation. We can help you with all types of general civil litigation in both the State and federal courts. We are adept at handling a variety of matters including: business litigation; breach of contracts,and landlord-tenant disputes . We seek to use all our experience, knowledge and effectiveness to obtain fair results that conform with existing laws and societal norms.


Whenever contracts are created, each party has obligations which are created by the terms of the contract. If one of those terms has been violated this constitutes a breach of the contract. Contract disputes can be fairly straightforward or rather complex. A breach of contract may be grounds for termination of the remainder of the contract, potential litigation, or result in damages, depending on the nature of the breach. Most of your rights and remedies will be dependent upon the relationship of the contracting parties, the actions of the parties and the language of the contract itself. Mavinkurve & Patel’s attorney have represented and advised clients in a variety of contract disputes:

Business Contracts

Confidentiality Agreements

Construction Contracts

Fraud Litigation

Non-compete Agreements

Real Estate Contracts

Service Contracts


In any rental situation, both landlords and tenants have rights and they also have certain duties. For landlords, these requirements include providing a safe, habitable place to live. They have a right to protect their property and to remove tenants who violate the terms of a rental contract. Tenants have the right to make requests for repairs and a duty to pay rent. Given the nature of a rental situation, disputes often arise over whose rights have been violated. In these circumstances, the assistance and advice of an experienced real estate attorney can be invaluable. Our landlord / tenant dispute attorneys will handle your case personally to get the best resolution possible. We always keep clients informed about their case, and always make sure our lawyers and highly skilled paralegals are available to answer all of your questions or concerns.


The majority of employment relationships in New Jersey and other states are referred to as “at-will” employment. That simply means there is no contract involved. In an at-will employment relationship, the general rule is that either party — the employee or the employer — is allowed to terminate the relationship for any reason or even for no reason, as long as the reason is not illegal. This also means that the employer can fire the employee for any reason, as long as the employer’s decision doesn’t violate state or federal employment laws. Wrongful termination occurs when the employer fires an employee for an illegal reason. Employment law disputes are almost always complex and colored by different perceptions among the manager and the employee. Wrongful termination cases are often complicated by the existence of some seemingly valid reason for the termination that may exist alongside the discriminatory reason. Your attorney will ask you many questions and review all available documents from your employer as part of investigating your case. If you were a victim of retaliation or wrongful termination, Mavinkurve & Patel’s attorneys will pursue all legal options available to you. We take pride in representing New Jersey workers from various occupations, ranging from food industry workers to construction workers in addition to corporate executives.

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