Business Law

Business Law

You do not need to know all the answers to run a successful business, but you should know where to turn to for answers. At Mavinkurve & Patel, we provide legal advice & representation to entrepreneurs, startups, and seasoned business owners in all stages of the process. Mavinkurve & Patel’s attorneys advise companies of all sizes and across all industries regarding a wide range of legal issues.


Buying or selling a business can be a very complex, complicated process that takes time. There are many critical components to be aware of during the purchase and sale of a business. Before entering into any formal business agreements, it is essential to have an attorney review all contracts and legally binding terms. Business purchase and sale agreements define the specific details for the purchase and sale of a company. Once this document is signed, it becomes a legally binding contract between the parties involved. Mavinkurve & Patel’s attorneys conduct a thorough review of the contract to ensure our client’s principal concerns are addressed.


Every business owner strives to have contractual relationships run smoothly without conflicts. Unfortunately, disputes may arise despite the business owner’s best efforts to mitigate the situation. When such conflicts surface, we apply our negotiation tactics and trial skills to reach a speedy and fair resolution at minimal cost to the client.


Our business law attorneys are available to provide advice on the type of business entity best suited to meet your objectives. This may be a partnership, C corporation, S corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or nonprofit organization. Mavinkurve & Patel will help with the preliminary structuring as a start-up business as well as aiding to form a strategic plan that addresses day-to-day concerns, including financial decisions.


Nothing in business should ever happen without a contract or formal business agreement. Our lawyers have extensive experience with business contract negotiations and drafting of the final instruments. We are dedicated to providing services for purchase or sale of a business, partnership agreements and shareholder agreements, lease and building purchase contracts.


At Mavinkurve & Patel we have the legal skill & knowledge as as the business acumen to successfully guide our clients through a wide range of commercial litigation disputes. We understand that any disruption in business, manufacturing or distribution can be devastating. It is our goal to quickly identify the core issues and work towards a swift and efficient solution. You can rely on us to represent your business effectively and with the utmost discretion. Our practice of commercial litigation covers a broad range of matter:

Contract Drafting and Review

Contractor Disputes

Non-compete & Non-Disclosure Agreements


Breach of Contract

Lease Disputes

Employment Litigation

Lease Negotiations

Partnership Disputes


Business Dissolution

Landlord Tenant Disputes

Real Estate Disputes

Vendor Disputes


Whether you are interested in opening an establishment, modify/transfer an existing liquor license, need assistance with a renewal, or plan to sell alcohol anywhere in the state of New Jersey, it is very easy to find yourself tangled up in the complex web of laws and regulations. Applying for a liquor license in the state of New Jersey can be a daunting and complex process. The permission to sell liquor is granted by Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) in NJ. This organization carries out three main functions: inspection, compliance and administration. Mavinkurve & Patel has been handling ABC law in New Jersey for years. Our representation can include, but is not limited to:

Obtaining new state and/or local retail alcoholic beverage licenses;

Reporting changes in existing retail alcoholic beverage licensed premises;

Providing retail licensees with compliance and trade practice guidance; and

Advice and representation regarding ABC violations.

Our firm is committed to providing professional, creative and cost-effective legal solutions for all tiers of the alcoholic beverage industry. Let our experienced liquor licensing lawyers assist you through the process of obtaining a liquor license.


One way to expand your business is to combine it with another business. You may want to take over another business (acquisition), or you may choose to combine your business with another one (merger). Each of these options has its own legal considerations. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients engaged in asset or stock purchases, mergers, joint ventures, strategic partnerships and leveraged buy-outs. We advise companies that are preparing to enter the market, offer guidance on transaction structure, review term sheets, advise & perform due diligence review, negotiate as well as draft documentation. Once the deal has closed, our lawyers will also assist with post-closing integration. At Mavinkurve & Patel, our approach in representation is to view, identify and prepare for the client’s long-term objectives.

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